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Graduates of professional nursing/midfery academy or faculty are expected to apply an extensive body of scientific and cultural knowledge to help solve client problems. Manya client who enter health care system, especially those entering hospitals, have serious illnesses that demand a wide array of increasingly complex nursing/midwifery care and services. Ensuring a midwife or nurse competence to meet this responsibility has never been more important.To enter the practice of professional nursing/midwifery, especially for a nurse is required to pass the National council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurse (NCLEX_RN). The sole purpose of the examination, often referred to as the '?State Boards'?, is to assure the public of nurse'™s competence to practice entry-level nursing safety and effectively. Most nurse recognize that passing the NCLEX_RN is crucial to their careers. They know they must be fully prepared, both educationally and psychologically. To achieve this level of preparation requires a well-planned study of nursing basics and a keen understanding of test-taking strategis, with particular awareness of what to expect in test question on NCLEX-RN.This edition includes many improvements and new material to keep it abreast of the ever-evolving NCLEX test plan. We are confident you will continue to use the book as a reference even after the NCLEX-RN is only amemory.

Penulis : Ali Imron
ISBN : 9786021163375
Tahun : 2015
Halaman : 230
Imprint : Salemba Medika
Kategori : Kesehatan
Ukuran : 15 cm x 24 cm


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420.21 IMR n
Penerbit Salemba Medika : Jakarta.,
Deskripsi Fisik
1 jil.; 230. 15 cm x 24 cm
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tactile text
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Tipe Pembawa
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